Entering the Blogosphere …Mike offers reasons why a blog

EnterBubbles from a Deeper World7121c471-9e5c-4a27-8084-9a25d54769c2So here I am jumping into to the blogosphere, which is a real word in Webster’s Dictionary but probably shouldn’t be. Sensing my need for a job (someone once said that men are better at being men when they are carrying a load) Sandy my beautiful wife created a space for me on the internet and has been nudging me ever since to start writing. While she has been nudging I have been trying to figure out what to write and more importantly, why. Why should I do this and what’s the point of it?

Well, I’m going to write first because I believe in continuing to pursue my calling to preach. The proclamation of the Gospel never has too many platforms. And I’m going to write to help myself in my personal journey of faith. And I hope anyone who reads my offerings will benefit. Spurgeon once said “many a pilgrim has dug a well for himself, but has proved quite as useful to others.” I hope that will prove true for you.

Last but not least I’m writing for my family. So many retiredpeople I know feel the need to write a book or publish a memoir. For better or worse, I feel it too. And I’ve heard so many children (me included) express a longing to have something from loved ones now gone which they can read or listen to for posterity. One of the empty places in me yearns to be fed with more about my dad who died in 1999. I’m afraid that place will not be satisfied.

So whether or not the world needs another web log, I do. And if you decide to give my articles a read, I hope you will find them worthwhile.

By now a few of you have read my first article (“Bubbles from a Deeper World”) and weighed in on it. Thanks for your encouragement! More to come.

Blessings – Mike

Luke 18:9-14

6 thoughts on “Entering the Blogosphere …Mike offers reasons why a blog

  1. I was born with a need to write. I think Dad had it too, and obviously you do. 🙂 I always had to do it. I have diaries from when I was very small and short stories too. I think because writing is words that STAY. I think Donna has some of Dad’s tape recordings that he dictated. I’ll ask her. I emailed already everything I had of his that he wrote. Love you bro, you are awesome.


  2. I will definitely be reading your blogs Michael. God is continuing to bless others through you. Thank you for listening to your beautiful wife Sandy.


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